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i am all ready 5 years in this company what are the procedures to resign will I able to get my 5 years graduation and what are the benefitsmy management they did not allow me to continue the jobone of the director promised me will give weekly AED 5000After a lot of follow up, finally, I got the employment visa on 18/10/2016 and I was told that the date of joining is 01/11/2016If I will not do 12 hours duty a day without day off then my owner threatening me that if you will resign then you have to returned my 1000 AEd allowance which he has given me every month

Emily2016Hi, Ive been working to my previous company for almost 3 years and during the last 9 mos we are of financial struggleA Gulf News report 20 December 2010 said a government official clarified that the new law completely scraps the "no objection certificate" (NOC) (the official might have been Humaid Bin Deemas, Acting Director-General of the Ministry of Labour? Not confirmed)There are restrictions on the type of work and hours of employmentRequest your adviceImplementation not until July 2011? Emirates Business 24-7 reported on 11 January 2011 that The UAE Ministry of Labour has clarified that new labour law amendments due to be implemented in July this year krishna prasadDear deepak 2New categories replace previous classification system in operation since 2005

8 of 1980do i have to do that Deepak MPlease follow: Deepak MPlease consult with MOL/MOHRE on thisThe UAE Labour Law does not cover certain job categories (maids and other domestic workers, federal and government employees, agricultural workers) which seems to mean that people employed in those sorts of jobs have few, if any, rightsMembers of the armed forces, police and securityDate ofbirth :11-08 -1985 Nationality: Nigerian Passport no:A07532860Have any problem for me or not on airportMy question is, they are in SPONSORSHIP for the license, are they allowed to issue NEW TRADE LICENSE even they dont update salary payment-WPS, i already made complaint for my claims are these thing cannot affect in renewing the company license? Also, can i still have claims right in my last pay? Still company is on struggle and employees dont get salary on timeI was the first employee of the project that iam currently working with

How can the Government protect the small individual like meIs it possible for me to resign and grab the opportunityHe let me work in my tourist visaOperates magnetic-tape recording and typographic composing machine to prepare copy used for offset printing of forms, documents, advertisements, and other matter, following copy and layout instructions and using knowledge of typesetting and typing techniques: Clips copy and instructions .GAS-PUMPING-STATION OPERATOR JOB GAS-PUMPING-STATION OPERATOR JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work 1To my surprise, my PRO said that all the Indian Nationality who wanted to apply visa has to apply according to new requirements:-1Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in oxidation and hydration of elemental phosphorus, mixing soda ash with phosphoric acid to produce disodium phosphates, and drying, calcining, and cooling phosphate mixture to produce sodium tripolyphosphate: Trains employees .NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGIST JOB NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGIST JOB will do the fallowing jobs / work 1management called me and promised will give required cashMinimum staffing levels given as 20% in various reports but not clear if for each classification, or total for all 3 classificationsThey asked me to sign the cancellation without giving my salaryunless the contract specifies otherwise

Some reports refer to the work permit as part-time only but it appears that full-time work is permittedMonths later, CEO flew to his hometown and until now he did not come backThat the joining date is postponed to 01/12/2016 as ABC CoHe told me that you made a contract with us like this but I didnt signed any paper.Question Noi was wait up to 2 month in my home countryThe applicant contract agreements has change from AED800 before, now minimum AED1500.2 c16eaae032

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