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28 Sep 2016 Australians, as a general rule, don't do tipping. It's not part of our culture. We don't know how to do it, and we don't enjoy doing it. It feels like a rip-off. Restaurant bills are bad enough. You think you have a rough idea of how much you're going to have to pay, and then you realise that there's actually an extra One-Day Tours. On a partial-day or full-day bus tour, the Independent Traveler recommends tipping 10 to 20 percent of the tour price. Travel Sense suggests that $1 to $2 per person is reasonable for a shared tour, while a private tour deserves a bigger tip. Like any member of the service industry, tour directors, bus drivers and local guides depend on tips to make a living. Program leaders are advised to collect tip money from each participant at the beginning of the tour to avoid confusion and lack of money at the end of the tour. Explorica provides program leaders with the 18 Jan 2011 A: On a short bus tour (several hours or less), tip your guide 10 - 20 percent of the cost of the tour. Give it to him or her when you say goodbye. Charter and sightseeing bus drivers are also tipped in certain cases: when drivers double as guides, $1 per person per day. 26 Mar 2015 And while tipping is not as much a part of the culture in Latin America as in the United States, workers still appreciate tips, even if they don't expect them. . Guides and Drivers: Most Caribbean tourists, when not vegetating on a beach, go off on bus tours and tip the guide a couple of dollars, but if you take a Re: tipping tour director/driver. Aug 09, 2012, 11:01 PM. Thanks Don Franc,. Your explanation and guide lines were very informative and I will follow them. We had no clue how much to tip and what services we were tipping for as we have never taken an escorted tour before. I will be relaxed knowing that we are in the right 22 Apr 2005 I read in one of these threads that the tips should be around $6.50 per person per day for the tour guide and the same for the bus driver. How much you choose to tip, probably somewhere within the suggested range, will depend on your own feelings about the guide and the the circumstances of the How much? Do you need to tip at all? Never fear! With this simple guide to tipping, TravelSense will take the guesswork out of tipping etiquette and help you focus on more important things If you're taking a tour and a tip is not automatically included, tip a local guide $1 per person for a half-day tour, $2 for full-day tour. He wondered what amounts other companies recommended in various countries and how much readers actually ended up tipping. He also invited readers to share what . The tipping guidelines were $7-$10 for the trip leader and $3-$4 for local guides plus regular tipping for bus drivers. We always come close to following 8 Apr 2016 What is surprising is that many travelers don't realize that tipping is even appropriate or expected in certain circumstances. . A coach driver: Perrin, who likes to be left to her own thoughts, quips “the less a bus tour guide talks, the more I'd tip him,” while Perkins tips “$5 to $10 for one day, a bit less per day

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