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DRM is included at the request of the publisher, as it helps them protect their copyright by restricting file sharingLog in or create account My Account Order History My Tracker My Downloads My Techpoints Sign In View Account Home AWWA C651-14  Preview AWWA C651-14 Disinfecting Water Mains standard by American Water Works Association, 02/01/2015 View all product details Most Recent Track It Language: English Available Formats Options Availability Priced From ( in USD ) Secure PDF ℹ Secure PDF Files Secure PDF files include digital rights management (DRM) softwareWater mains taken out of service for inspection, repair, or other activities may or may not require disinfection and sampling, depending on the risk of contaminationNew water mains shall be disinfected before they are placed in serviceWater mains taken out of service for inspection, repair, or other activities may or may not require disinfection and sampling, depending on the risk of contaminationDevice/OS: Windows Browser: Opera 0.0 User Agent: Opera/9.64 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en) Presto/2.1.1 Store Name: css Page: /standards/awwa-c651-14?productid=1891441 Referrer:,ssl&ei=-fPBUe5LMT4QS3m4GgDA IP: Language: en Customer #: Not Logged In Member?: NO Cart #: 443876163 Order #: None Cookies: NO Sitewide Free Shipping On All Orders Lowest Price Guarantee On All Books 0 results found for "undefined" USD Join Sign in Shop Aerospace Engineering Aircraft Electrical Aircraft Maintenance Airport Design Non-Destructive Testing welding for aerospace categories mechanical-engineer plumbing-engineer safety Crafts & Hobbies Criminal Justice Environment Geometric Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Home Improvement & Design Books Instrument Instrument Law air duct Construction Duct Aluminum Building Products Welding & Joining API API 1104 API 510 API 570 API 653 API 1169 API 577 API 936 Architecture Building Types Registration and Certification Study Practice CAD Presentation Building Engineering Interior Design Construction Sustainable Architecture Accessibility Theory and Design History ASME 2017 ASME BPVC 2015 ASME BPVC ASME BPVC 2013 ASME Construcion of Nuclear Facility Components N Certification - N, NA, NPT, NS N3 Certification - Containments, Waste NV Certification - Nuclear Safety, Pressure Relief NV Certification - Part D ASME Fiber Reinforced Pressure Vessels RP Certification - Fiber Reinforced Plastic ASME Heating Boilers ASME H-HLW Certifications - Heating Boilers H Designator - Field Assembly of Boilers HV Certification - Heating Boiler Safety Valves ASME H Certification - Cast Iron Heating ASME Nuclear In service V Certifications - Boiler Safety Valves ASME Power Boilers ASME A Certification - Assembly of Power Boilers ASME E Certification - Electric Boilers ASME PP-S Certification - Pressure, Piping, Power ASME V Certification - Boiler Safety Valves ASME Pressure Vessels U-UM Certifications - Pressure Vessels, Division 1 U2 Certification - Pressure Vessels Division 2 U3 Certification - Pressure Vessels Divsion 3 UD Certification - Rupture Disk Devices UV Certification - Pressure Vessel Safety Valves UV3 Certification - Pressure Vessels Safety Valves ASME Transport Tanks TV Certification - Pressure Vessels Safety Valves TD Certification - Transport Tanks Rupture Disk T Certification - Transport Tanks ASME A.17 ASME B.16 ASME B.31 ASME Y.14 Boilers & Pressure Vessels ASME Stationary Engineer/Boiler Operator Certification Pressure Vessel Design Boiler/Pressure Vessel Fabrication Pressure Vessel Maintenance Heat Exchangers Turbines Instrumentation Brown Toolbox Piping Selectors Calculators Templates Construction Boxes Electrical GPS Magnetic Locators Permit Boxes Pipe Finder Safety Signs Vehicle Brackets Measuring calculator Long Measuring Tapes 200 plus ft 200 plus ft 0-100 ft 150 - 200 ft Triangular Scale Measuring Wheels Pipe Tape Rods 10 ft 13 ft 15 ft 16 ft 25 ft 3m Rods 5m Rods 8 ft Apache Rods B Series Bags Mini Poles Misc Rods QLV Rods Rod Accessories Rover Rods TLV Rods Variable Length Rods Short Measuring Tape Folding Rulers Under 30 ft Over 30 ft Surveying Lasers Automatic Levels Rotary Laser Levels Dual Grade Lasers Laser Distance Meters Machine Control Laser Detectors Optical Instruments Pipe Self Leveling Surveying Equipment Accessories Bags and Cases Safety Vests Prism 25mm Prisms 30mm Prisms 35mm Prisms 58mm Prisms 62mm Prisms Mini Prisms Misc Prisms Prism Accessories Prisms and Pole Sets Tilting Prisms Tripods Antenna Mast Tripods Bipods Construction Series Dome Head Tripods Elevator Tripods Extra Tall Tripods Flat Head Tripods GPS Tripods Heavy Duty Tripods Instrument Tripods Mini Tripods Thumb Release Tripods Tripod Accessories Business/Law/Medicine Business Accounting Business Theory Real Estate Law Tax Medicine Radiology Certification/Testing ACI - American Concrete Institute Certifications Adhesive Anchor Installer Aggregate Base Testing Technician Aggregate Testing Technician Level 1 Aggregate Testing Technician Level 2 Associate Transportation Construction Inspector Commercial Flatwork Silica Fume Specialist Commercial Flatwork Surface Treatments Specialist Commerical Flatwork High Tolerance Specialist Concrete Construction Special Inspector Concrete Field Testing Technician (Canada) Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Technician Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician Level 1 Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician Level 2 Concrete Special Instructor (Canada) Concrete Strength free download left 4 dead game full version for pc Technician Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector Masonry Field Testing Technician Masonry Laboratory Testing Technician Shotcrete Nozzleman (Dry-Mix Process) Shotcrete Nozzleman (Wet-Mix Process) Specialty Commercial Flatwork Finisher Tilt Up Supervisor and Technician API Certifications Individual Certification Programs (ICP) Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector - API 653 Advanced Risk Based Inspector - API 580 Advanced Welding Inspection & Metallurgy- API 577 Authorized Piping Inspector - API 570 Pipeline Construction Inspector - API 1169 Pressure Vessel Inspector - API 510 Refractory Personnel Certification - API 936 Source Inspector Exam Tank Entry Supervisor Certification - API TES NCCER Applied Construction Math Alternative Energy Boilermaking Cabinetmaking Carpentry Careers In Construction Concrete Craft Laborer Construction Technology Core Curriculum Drywall Electrical Electronic Systems Technician From The Ground Up Green-Sustainable Construction heavy equipment operations highway-heavy construction HVAC hydroblasting Industrial Coating & Lining Application Specialist Industrial Maintenance Electrical & InstIn order to read a Secure PDF, you will need to install the FileOpen Plug-In on your computerRelated products e pos tep 220 thermal printer drivers download Standard C216-00 (Revision of C216-94): Standard for Heat-Shrinkable Cross-Linked Polyolefin Coatings for the Exterior of Special Sections, Connections, and Fittings for Steel Water Pipelines .00 AWWA Standard C301-07 (Revision of C301-99): Standard for Prestressed Concrete Pressure Pipe, Steel-Cylinder Type .00 AWWA Standard C153/A21.53-00 (Revision of C153/A21.53-94): Standard for Ductile-Iron Compact Fittings for Water Service .00 AWWA Standard C402-00 (Revision of C402-95): Standard for Asbestos-Cement Transmission Pipe, 18in through 42 in (450mm through 1,050mm), for Water Supply Service .00 AWWA C651-14 Disinfecting Water Mains Write a Review Your Rating: Your Rating: 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star Name required Email Address required Subject required Comments required Contact Us 1517 San Jacinto Street Houston, Texas 77002, USA 1-800-967-9515 Pages About Certification & Testing Online Learning Bundles ASME BPVC Learning Center Contact Need Help? 1-800-967-9515 Sitemap Brands ASME American Petroleum Institute (API) Wiley McGraw-Hill Professional Witherby Seamanship International Ltd View all brands › Facebook Twitter GooglePlus LinkedIn Gift Certificates Create an Account Sign In Brown Technical Visa Mastercard American Express Discover Paypal Sec.PurposeThe purpose of this standard is to define the minimum requirements for the disinfection of water mains, including the preparation of water mains, application of chlorine, and sampling and testing for the presence of coliform bacteriaProducts ASTM Book of Standards Boiler Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) 2017 Boiler Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) 2015 Eurocodes Format Options Redlines Services Techstreet Enterprise Techstreet Tracker Techpoint Rewards Customer Care Help Center Glossary Search Tips Language Interpretation Services Connect with us Contact Us 1-800-699-9277 Company Information About Techstreet Techstreet History Clients & Testimonials Services For Publishers Press Releases Careers Site Information Privacy Policy 2017 Clarivate Analytics System Information Intellectual Property & Science is now known as Clarivate Analytics, and is no longer part of Thomson Reuters .

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Computer Specifications Electrical PE - Electronics Specifications Electrical PE - Power Specifications Environmental PE Exam Fire Protection PE Exam Industrial PE Exam Mechanical PE Exam Metallurgical & Materials PE Exam Mining & Mineral Processing Exam Naval Architecture & Marine Exam Nuclear PE Exam Petroleum PE Exam Structural Engineering (SE) Exam Government Tests Academic Study Guides Schaum's Other Chemical Engineering Biomolecular Engineer Petroleum Engineer Pharmaceutical Safety Study Guides Sustainability Materials Engineer Cement and Concrete Polymers Carbon Fluid & Liquid Thermodynamics Heat Process Engineer Operations & Production Safety Process Industry Safety Separation & Distillation Plants Equipment Troubleshooting Guidelines & Handbooks Introduction Design & Technology Heat Data & Analysis Fundamentals & Principles Health & Safety Tests & Exams History Miscellaneous Civil Engineering Corrosion Environmental Engineer Hydraulic Engineer Study Guides Geotechnical Engineer Structural Engineer Transport Engineer Building Codes Demolition History Inspectors & Inspections Piping Roads Study Guide Masonry Petrochemical Cement Concrete Construction Design Equipment & Materials Formulas & Calculations Foundation Fundamentals & Principles Guidelines & Handbooks Health & Safety Miscellaneous Natural Disaster Proofing Roofing Soil Steel Transportation Bridges Highways Railroads Streets WaterProofing Wood Codes, current ADS CFR Codes NBIC & ISM Code Checkers & Turbo Tabs Building & Construction Codes NASCLA NFPA SAE Codes, historical Historical ACI Editions Historical AWWA Editions Historical MSS Editions Historical NEC Editions Historical NEMA Editions Historical ACI Editions Historical NEMA Editions Historical-API Editions Historical-ASME Editions Historical-ASNT Editions Historical - 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Iron & Steel Prodcuts Section 02 - Nonferrous Metal Products Section 03 Metals Test Methods Section 04 - Construction Section 05 - Petroleum Products, Lubricants Section 06 - Paints, Related Coatings, Aromatics Section 7 - Textiles Section 8 - Plastics Section 9 - Rubber Section 10 - Electrical Insulation and Electronics Section 11 - Water and Environmental Technology Section 12 - Nuclear, Solar, and Geothermal Energy Section 13 - Medical Devices and Services Section 14 - General Methods and Instrumentation ASTM - Section 15 - General Products 2017 2016 2015 Section 01 - Iron & Steel Prodcuts Section 03 - Metals Test Methods Section 04 - Construction Section 05 - Petroleum Products, Lubricants Section 06 - Paints, Related Coatings, Aromatics BSI ICC, ICBO & IAPMO 2000-2002 2003-2005 2006-2008 2009-2011 2012-2014 2015 IECa ISO ACI ASM AISC AGA AMT ANSI ASA ASCE ASHRAE AWS AWWA CFR IEEE ISA NACE NEMA NFPA OSHA Surveying Study Guides Trades/Crafts Estimating Materials References Books Software Codes-Software Electrical-Software SSPC-Software Technical Reference Welding API 1104 AWS D1.1 NCCER for Welding Training & Study On the Job Arc Welding Design & How To Engineering & Industrial Metallurgy Print Reading WRC About About Brown Blog FAQ Shipping Corporate Account / Buyers Government Buyers Terms of Service Privacy Policy shama shabistan e raza free download pdf & Intel g45m03 motherboard manual pdf ACI Certifications API Certifications NCCER Electrical Certifications Elevator Inspectors HVAC Contractor By State PE Exams Government Tests Academic Study Guides Schaum's Other Certifications & Tests Online Learning Online Learning Login OSHA - Machine Safety Training Journeyman Trial Course Journeyman Online Prep Course OSHA 30-Hour OSHA 10-Hour Bundles ASME BPVC 2017 ASME BPVC ASME 2015 Quote ASME BVPC 2015 ASME BPVC & NBIC World Wide Shipping 2015 ASME BPVC - ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code - Notify Me 2015 ASME BPVC Subscription Request Trial Version ASME BPVC Best Prices ASME BVPC 2015 U-UM ASME BPVC 2015 PP & S ASME BPVC 2015 H & HLW NBIC 2015 R ASME BPVC U Stamp - Free Shipping! Learning Center Standards & Codes NAVCO API API 1104 ASME ASME BPVC Section 8 Division 1 ASME BPVC Section 8 Division 2 NFPA ICC International Building Code 2012 International Building Code 2009 International Building Code 2015 International Building Code International Residential Code 2015 International Residential Code 2012 International Residential Code 2009 International Residential Code International Mechanical Code 2015 International Mechanical Code 2012 International Mechanical Code 2009 International Mechanical Code International Plumbing Code 2015 International Plumbing Code 2012 International Plumbing Code 2009 International Plumbing Code International Fire Code 2015 International Fire Code 2012 International Fire Code 2009 International Fire Code NBBI IAPMO ASCE IEEE AISC Exams Nuclear PE Exam Naval Architecture & Marine Exam Mining & Mineral Processing Exam Metallurgical & Materials PE Exam Mechanical PE Exam Fire Protection PE Exam Control Systems PE Exam Agricultural Exam Specifications Structural Engineering (SE) Exam Petroleum PE Exam Industrial PE Exam Electrical PE - Computer Specifications Chemical Exam Specifications Civil PE Exam judges guild tegel manor pdf download Specifications Electrical PE - Electronics Specifications Environmental PE Exam Electrical PE - Power Specifications Licensing & Certifications by State Electrical Formulas Maps Learning Center for Architects Learning Center for Electricians The Electrician Apprenticeship Program Why You Should Become an Electrician 5 Steps to Becoming a Journeyman Electrician The 3 Stages of Electricians Becoming a Master Electrician Electrician Salaries on the Rise Electrical Regulations by State Electrical Regulations by State - Alabama Electrical Regulations by State - Alaska Electrical Regulations by State - Arizona Electrical Regulations by State - Arkansas Electrical Regulations by State - California Electrical Regulations by State - Colorado Electrical Regulations by State - Connecticut Electrical Regulations by State - Delaware Electrical Regulations by State - Florida Electrical Regulations by State - Georgia Electrical Regulations by State - Hawaii Electrical Regulations by State - Idaho Electrical Regulations by State - Illinois Electrical Regulations by State - Indiana Electrical Regulations by State - Iowa Electrical Regulations by State - Kansas Electrical Regulations by State - Kentucky Electrical Regulations by State - Louisiana Electrical Regulations by State - Maine Electrical Regulations by State - Maryland Electrical Regulations by State - Massachusetts Electrical Regulations by State - Michigan Electrical Regulations by State - Minnesota Electrical Regulations by State - Mississippi Electrical Regulations by State - Missouri Electrical Regulations by State - Montana Electrical Regulations by State - Nebraska Electrical Regulations by State - Nevada Electrical Regulations by State - New Hampshire Electrical Regulations by State - New Jersey Electrical Regulations by State - New Mexico Electrical Regulations by State - New York Electrical Regulations by State - North Carolina Electrical Regulations by State - North Dakota Electrical Regulations by State - Ohio Electrical Regulations by State - Oklahoma Electrical Regulations by State - Oregon Electrical Regulations by State - Pennsylvania Electrical Regulations by State - Rhode Island Electrical Regulations by State - South Carolina Electrical Regulations by State - South Dakota Electrical Regulations by State - Tennessee Electrical Regulations by State - Texas Electrical Regulations by State - Utah Electrical Regulations by State - Vermont Electrical Regulations by State - Virginia Electrical Regulations by State - Washington Electrical Regulations by State - West Virginia Electrical Regulations by State - Wisconsin Electrical Regulations carambis driver updater 2013 activation key crack State - Wyoming Types of Power Plants - Where Our Electricity Comes From Top Paying Electrician Markets by Location Best Paying Electrician Jobs - by Industry Electrician Tools Tom Henry's Learn to be an Electrician Part 1 Tom Henry's Learn to be an Electrician Part 2 Tom Henry's Learn to be an Electrician Part 3 How to Prepare for an Electrical Exam Learning Center for Plumbers & Pipefitters Plumbers & Pipefitters - Highest Average Earnings by Location 10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Plumber How to Become a Plumber Checklist - Do You Have What It Takes to be a Plumber? Average Salaries for Plumbers Meet Charlie Mullins - The Plumber Millionaire 5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Pipefitter How to Become a Pipefitter Salaries for Pipefitters Taking the Plumbing Aptitude Test Slab Plumbing Underground Plumbing - Building a House What Does A Pipefitter Do? Pipe Trades Pro Calculator 4095 How to Read an Inch-based Pipe Schedule How to Read a Metric Pipe Schedule Learning Center for Boilers and Pressure Vessels Learning Center for HVAC HVAC Licensing Authorities by State 100 Accredited HVAC Schools Why Become an HVAC Technician? Steps for Getting Your HVAC License Getting Started in an HVAC Career Top 10 States for HVAC Jobs How an HVAC System Works How to Start Your Own HVAC Repair Business 2015 HVAC Efficiency Standards Having What It Takes to Be Successful in HVAC HVAC Servicing - Troubleshooting The Blower Relay How a furnace sequencer works How to Test a Heat Sequencer HVAC Electric Heat Strips How to Perform an HVAC Service Call Learning Center for Riggers What Is a Rigger? Becoming a Rigger How Much Do Riggers Make? 5 Necessary Job Skills for a Rigger Becoming an API Qualified Rigger Rigging Rope: Advantages & Disadvantages to Using Synthetics Using Nylon for Rigging Slings Helicopter Rigging & Lifts Crane Rigging Safety How to do Rigging and Slinging on an Offshore Rig Rigging Anchors for Balanced Load Crane Work: Rigging Techniques Rigging Offshore Learning Center for Petroleum Engineers Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - Marietta College Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - University of LA Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - Texas Tech Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - Oklahoma Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - USC Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - New Mexico IMT Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - Stanford Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - CSM Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - Texas A&M Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Colleges in America - UT Austin SPE Student Chapters - Worldwide Petroleum Engineering Scholarships List of 100+ Petroleum Exploration & Production Companies Professional Associations for Petroleum Engineers What Is Petroleum Engineering? How to Become a Petroleum Engineer Types of Petroleum Engineers Entry Level Jobs for Petroleum Engineers: Best Companies Salaries for Petroleum Engineers So You Want to Be a Petroleum Engineer? UT Austin's Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Formation Of Reservoir Rock Scientific Deep Sea Drilling and Coring Technology Drilling Techniques: Fracking and Sandstone Targets Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Explained Learning Center for Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Engineering Schools Mechanical Engineering Schools - Alabama Mechanical Engineering Schools - Alaska Mechanical Engineering Schools - Arizona Mechanical Engineering Schools - Arkansas Mechanical Engineering Schools - California Mechanical Engineering Schools - Colorado Mechanical Engineering Schools - Connecticut Mechanical Engineering Schools - Delaware Mechanical Engineering Schools - Florida Mechanical Engineering Schools - Georgia Mechanical Engineering Schools - Hawaii Mechanical Engineering Schools - Idaho Mechanical Engineering Schools - Illinois Mechanical Engineering Schools - Indiana Mechanical Engineering Schools - Iowa Mechanical Engineering Schools - Kansas Mechanical Engineering Schools - Kentucky Mechanical Engineering Schools - Louisiana Mechanical Engineering Schools - Maine Mechanical Engineering Schools - Maryland Mechanical Engineering Schools - Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Schools - Michigan Mechanical Engineering Schools - Minnesota Mechanical Engineering Schools - Mississippi Mechanical Engineering Schools - Missouri Mechanical Engineering Schools - Montana Mechanical Engineering Schools - Nebraska Mechanical Engineering Schools - Nevada Mechanical Engineering Schools - New Hampshire Mechanical Engineering Schools - New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Schools - New Mexico Mechanical Engineering Schools - New York Mechanical Engineering Schools - North Carolina Mechanical Engineering Schools - North Dakota Mechanical Engineering Schools - Ohio Mechanical Engineering Schools - Oklahoma Mechanical Engineering Schools - Oregon Mechanical Engineering Schools - Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Schools - Rhode Island Mechanical Engineering Schools - South Carolina Mechanical Engineering Schools - South Dakota Mechanical Engineering Schools - Tennessee Mechanical Engineering Schools dragon ball z movie 12 fusion reborn english dubbed download Texas Mechanical Engineering Schools - Utah Mechanical Engineering Schools - Vermont Mechanical Engineering Schools - Virginia Mechanical Engineering Schools - Washington Mechanical Engineering Schools - West Virginia Mechanical Engineering Schools - Wisconsin Mechanical Engineering Schools - Wyoming Mechanical Engineering Schools Online Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - UT Austin Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - CIT Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - Cornell Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - Purdue Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - Illinois Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - Georgia Tech Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - UC Berkeley Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - Michigan Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - Stanford Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Colleges in America - MIT Mechanical Engineering Scholarships What Is a Mechanical Engineer? 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Log in or Create Account Looking for Enterprise Subscriptions? Connecting the world to standards shopby Publisher Popular Publishers AGA API ASCE ASHRAE ASME ASTM BSI CSA DIN IEEE IEC ISO NSF SAE Browse All Formats that work Techstreet has more delivery options than any other sourceAWWA C651-14 Disinfecting Water Mains 1.61 Attributes Current Stock: SKU: AWWA C651 AUTHOR-1: American Water Works Association COPYRIGHT/PUBLICATION DATE: 2014 BINDING: Paperback PAGE COUNT: 40 Available Formats required Printed Edition Secure PDF Via Email Printed Edition & PDF Quantity Add to Cart Be the first to leave a review Attributes Current Stock: SKU: AWWA C651 AUTHOR-1: American Water Works Association COPYRIGHT/PUBLICATION DATE: 2014 BINDING: Paperback PAGE COUNT: 40 Facebook Email Print Description Description Product Details: Revision:2014 Edition, June 8, 2014 Published Date:June 8, 2014 Status:Active, Most Current Document Language:English Published By:American Water Works Association (AWWA) Page Count:40 ANSI Approved:Yes DoD Adopted:Yes Description / Abstract: This standard describes essential procedures for the disinfection of new and repaired potable water mainsThis standard describes the process for evaluating the risk under different conditionsWhat you can do with a Secure PDF: Print  Search  Highlight  Bookmark  Please note that some publishers - including BOMA, IADC and NRC - do not allow printing of their documents 34b41eb7bc

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