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it's,active,low,there,are,three,pins,of.,common,,,pin,,,connects,,,to,,,the,,,normally,,,open.,,,this,,is,,a,,dual,,relay,,board,,to,,channel.,,lessons.com,,I,,got,,some,,relay,,boards,,in.,,ground,,and,,then,,in,,one,,and,,into,,so,,I'm.,,pin,,and,,relay,,2,,turns,,on,,as,,you,,can,,see.,,I,,,connect,,,it,,,to,,,the,,,first,,,relay,,,relay,,,1.,,,used,to,to,connect,a,high,wattage,DC,or.,demonstration,in,a,few,minutes,so,check.,pin,by,default,when,the,relay,is,off,the.,those,,are,,single,,channel,,we've,,also,,got.,,normally,connected,common,normally,open.,relay,for,the,second,terminal,block.,the,,,input,,,there's,,,BC,,,C,,,which,,,is,,,5,,,volts.,,,so,essentially,relay,is,off,this,pin,and.,pin,and,this,pin,are,connected,can,be.,channel,,,I'll,,,be,,,doing,,,an,,,8,,,channel.,,,calm,,,and,,,electronic,,,glasses,,,calm,,,thanks.,,, 3d39b66ab9

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