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Thank you for purchasing KAISE "KF-32 ANALOG MULTITESTER". To obtain the maximum performance of this instrument, read this Instruction Manual carefully, and take safe measurement. Confirm if the following items are contained in the package in good condition. If there is any damage or missing items, ask your local MULTIMETER. PC20TK. Assembling Training for. Digital Multimeter. Instruction Manual for Assembling and Operation Procedures. Page 2. Introduction. Thank you very much for purchasing Sanwa Model PC20TK Digital Multimeter Kit. The PC20TK is a digital . 3-2 Analog multitester (AMT) vs. digital multimeter (DMM) . AU-31. Auto range & polarity Aanalog. Multimeter. • High internal resistance. • Auto-range function. • Automatic polarity function. • Auto 0? adjustment. • Auto power off. • Inner battery check range. • Series condenser built in circuit. Optional accessories. High Voltage Probe: HV-50, Carrying Case: C-AU. Function. Measuring Thank you for purchasing a SANWA tester Model To ensure that the meter is used safely, follow all safety and operating instructions in this Analog Display. Switching range. : Manual Operation. Operating temperature and humidity : 5? to 40?, max. 75%RH. Power source. : IEC R03 Single 1.5Volt AAA size battery. Each range on the DC display is used for two positions of the selector switch. • The 10 range is used for 10V and the. 1000 Volt selector switch positions. • The 50 range is used for 0.5V and the. 50 Volt selector switch positions. • The 250 range is used for 2.5V and the. 250 Volt selector switch positions SANWA ANALOG MULTITESTER YX360 TRF/ YX-361TR General Specifications YX360TRF Meter structure Standard calibration temperature / humidity Hand strap, Instruction manual Test lead (TL-61), Instruction manual HV probe (HV-10T), Clip adapter (CL-11, TL-8IC), hFE probe (HFE-6T) HV probe (HV-10), Clip View and Download Sanwa YX-360TR operator's manual online. YX-360TR Multimeter pdf manual download. 2 ?. [1] Safety Information?Prior to use, read the following precautions carefully?. Thank you for selecting a SANWA Analog Multitester AP33. Prior to use, please read this instruction manual thoroughly to ensure correct and safe use. After reading it, please keep it together with the tester in a safe place for future reference. Manual Download. Digital Multimeters; Analog Multitesters; Clamp Meters; Insulation Testers; Earth Testers; Optical/Laser Power Meters; Tachometers; Calibrator; Detectors; DIY Kits for Education; Accessories; Environmental Meters; LCR Meters. You can download manuals in PDF format.(????????). hFE. Use the optional probe. ?. YX360TRF. MULTITESTER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. 05-1306 2040 2040. SANWA ELECTRIC. INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD. Dempa Bldg., 4-4 Sotokanda 2-Chome. Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo,Japan. NAMES OF COMPONENTS. Test probe (black). Test pins. Finger guards. Test probe (red). Removable.

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