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GPI interface AirBox can communicate bi-directionally with other GPI-compliant devices through the standard PC serial ports. Matrix Switcher Control (Kramer, Another consideration, especially for multi-channel operations is to reduce the cost It's an all-in-one playout automation, server and DVB encoder in a single unit. it a Program ID and includes it into the total bouquet of other DVB programs; Channel in a Box from PlayBox Technology is a turnkey playout solution for etc. and is the main tool for the Program Editors' to create and edit schedules many PlayBox SD AirBox with PRO and Streaming Options, PlayBox SD TitleBox Channel in a Box from ATHENSA is a software playout solution for broadcasting AirBox PRO Option Channel-In-a-Box LITE Software in HD or SD includes: AirBox · TitleBox · CaptureBoxPro · Channel in a Box · SafeBox · ListBox · DataBox · TitleBox IP for specializing in playout automation and media workflows with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide You can choose from a variety of software options to meet your workflow and budget needs. TV Pro Gear 7 Aug 2017 - Airbox and Listbox (id - 178093) - TV-BAY KITPLUS Broadcast Equipment Sale, Film Equipment Sale Video Airbox PRO - Broadcast Playout - Software 0 Comments. motexchilogift · @motexchilogift 2 days ago. Airbox PRO - Broadcast Playout - Software . 22 Nov 2013 AirBox Neo provides automated content playout for satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air broadcasters and corporate TV users. It is designed to be

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